How to Make a Fake Vagina

When the sexual urges strike, it becomes quite difficult to control, thus leading to masturbation. However, for those wild guys who want a much more fulfilling masturbation experience not restricted to the hands only then there is something called as the fake vaginathat can come to play.

What is a Fake Vagina?

A replacement for the female sex organ, a fake vagina gives a man a similar kind of a pleasure. This is indeed useful when the woman is not present and when purchasing expensive sex toys is not what you want to do. All that is required is that the fake vagina should be soft and moist. You can create this same condition with a few handy tips. Let us see how –

Lukewarm Towel

Take a small six towel and get it get with some lukewarm water.  Roll up the towel in such a way that it becomes easy to coil it up. Once coiled you can use this as a fake vagina and insert your manhood in the hole formed. The feeling is not as close to a real vagina, but is much better than masturbating using the conventional hand way.


American Pie Style 

The popular movie series American Pie is a adult comedy of four young guys dealing with their sexual desires. One very memorable scene in Part I that no one would forget is when the star Jason Biggs masturbates on an apple pie, it is moist, sticky, warm and moist, creating a hole right in the center almost replicates a real vagina.


Prepare the very easy to make jello or any other gelatin substance, when in the liquid sate allow it to cool in a long cup or tube, longer than the size of your penis. Once cooled, roll it out, stick your thing in and masturbate as you normally would with your hand, only this time, it is the jello that you are stroking. This fake vagina is known to give several long hours of pleasure.


While most guys make use of the pillow to masturbate, you can make a fake vagina out of it. All you need to do is cut a hole at the center of the pillow. The hole should be tiny and the pillow should be firm enough to withhold the pressure and not tear off or mellow half way. If you have the right kind of pillow you can enjoy hours of pleasuring yourself on this fake vagina.

Make Use of The Useless Water Bottles

You would need two plastic bottles of the same size. Pour hot water in each of them. The water should be hot enough to pleasure and not burn the skin. Tape the two bottles together. You would need to add a lot of lubrication. Start the action. This fake vagina can be used many times and gives the same kind of pleasure all the time.

This way, do not be upset if you don’t have a girlfriend who would let you have sex with her, or do not be low cause you feel embarrassed to go the adult store to purchase sex toys. With the fake vagina’s you can do a lot more, alone!